If you’ve ever gulped as you purchased insulin for yourself or a loved one, you’re certainly not alone. Many Americans are financially overwhelmed by the extremely high costs of this life-saving drug. A 2021 study that compared American drug prices to those of 32 other countries found that prices in the U.S. were, on average, 256% higher than in other countries. Unfortunately, insulin is no exception.

While several Americans are lobbying for more affordable insulin prices within U.S. borders, many others are turning to insulin sourced from beyond those borders. Insulin from neighboring Canada represents an economically viable and practical solution for Americans looking to lower their drug costs. But is it safe and legal to purchase insulin from Canada? And how complicated is the process?

Below, we’ve provided a snapshot of the realities involved in purchasing insulin medication from Canada (all of which we at Bisonpharmacy.com believe are straightforward and positive). To ask more in-depth questions or order insulin from Canada today, contact our dedicated team directly after reading this article.

Why Americans Buy Insulin From Canada

The primary reason why Americans source insulin from Canada is: The price of insulin is more affordable in Canada.

Consider the following:

While the reasons for what many refer to as the Insulin Affordability Crisis in America are vast and varied and include factors ranging from a lack of generic drugs to a complex and opaque pricing system, the end result is exorbitant insulin prices that are unaffordable for many Americans.

In 2018, the average American insulin user spent nearly 5 times what the average Canadian insulin user spent—$3,490 USD vs. $725 USD. Today, Canadian insulin continues to be dramatically less expensive than American insulin and buying insulin from Canada can represent substantial savings for insulin-dependent Americans.

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The Legality Surrounding Buying Insulin in Canada

Insulin is not on the list of controlled substances put out by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which means that it can usually be imported without incident as long as:

  • The insulin is for personal use only
  • The shipment contains a 3-month supply of the drug or less
  • The insulin is accompanied by a valid prescription from an American doctor (name and address provided)

For more details about the legalities surrounding the importation of insulin and other prescription Diabetes medication from Canada, visit the FDA’s Personal Importation page.

Can You Get Insulin in Canada Without a Prescription?

Bisonpharmacy.com requires American customers to provide a valid prescription written by a U.S. doctor when ordering insulin online. This is one of the ways we maintain our reputable status and ensure that high-quality insulin is shipped to patients with the utmost responsibility and professionalism.

It is advisable to exercise caution and question legitimacy if you encounter an online pharmacy or prescription referral service claiming to ship insulin without requiring a prescription.

How Much Insulin Can You Bring Back to the U.S.A.?

Generally speaking, a 3-month (90-day) supply of insulin is permissible for import into the U.S. and will not be flagged as a potential resale shipment. At Bisonpharmacy.com, a 3-month supply of insulin is the maximum we will ship.

Why Is Insulin Cheaper in Canada?

In Canada, the federal body known as the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) plays an active role in regulating the prices of patented medicines sold in Canada. While the prices of medications may vary from province to province, they are consistently substantially lower than costs in the U.S. In part, this is because the U.S. has no equivalent regulation system for life-saving prescription medications.

Insulin Importing Concerns

Many Americans wonder about the safety and legality of importing insulin and other diabetes supplies from Canada. Below, we’ve explored some common questions and concerns and highlighted the reasons why we believe ordering Canadian insulin remains an excellent option:

  • Is Canadian insulin well-regulated?
    • Yes. Canada has one of the world’s most highly regulated pharmaceutical industries, which is under heavy oversight by professional certifying bodies such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia.
  • Can I get in trouble for importing Canadian insulin?
    • While the importation of insulin from Canada may face scrutiny in rare instances and, even more rarely, result in seizure of the medication, millions of Americans import prescription drugs from abroad, and the practice is generally safe and reliable as long as the medication is for personal use, accompanied by a prescription from an American doctor, and does not exceed a 90-day supply.
  • How do I know if I’m dealing with a reputable online pharmacy?
    • Many reputable online prescription referral services, such as Bisonpharmacy.com, do exist. Unfortunately, so do some illegitimate ones. Below, we’ve explored how to tell the difference:

How To Order Insulin From Canada Online Safely

Look for the following key elements when seeking to buy Canadian insulin from a safe and reputable online pharmacy service:

  • A website that requires a valid prescription written by an American doctor to be submitted. Do not trust services that claim not to require prescriptions for drugs that require prescriptions in the U.S.
  • A website that offers an inventory of drugs that you recognize and that are legally available in the U.S. Be suspicious of services that offer drugs you don’t recognize or generic drugs that don’t exist in the U.S.
  • A website that provides a legitimate phone number where you can speak to an actual representative. At Bisonpharmacy.com, you can reach a certified pharmacist by calling us directly. Take the time to actually call and speak with someone who can verify information about medications and services. If you’re left with uncertainties, try another website.

Order Insulin From Canada Today

If you’ve never ordered insulin from Canada before and have questions about the process, we encourage you to contact us directly at Bisonpharmacy.com. Sourcing insulin from Canada is a safe and effective way to significantly cut medication costs without compromising on quality or convenience, and we are always there to support our customers, whether it’s your first order or your hundredth.

At Bisonpharmacy.com, we pride ourselves on serving our American customers with the utmost dedication, care, and attention to detail. We are confident in the outstanding quality of our products and look forward to assisting you in ordering insulin online today!

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