How Much Does Ozempic Cost in Canada?

At your local pharmacy in the U.S., an individual Ozempic pen can retail for as little as $892, but the average price is $1,027. In Canada, that cost is drastically less. While pricing may vary depending on the dosage, quantity, and retailer, the price of an individual injectable pen ranges from about $320 to about $380.

As a rough estimate, this means that you’ll save approximately two-thirds of the price you would pay in the U.S. when you order Ozempic from Canada. Interested in learning more about Ozempic? Continue reading for more information.

What Is Ozempic?

Ozempic (semaglutide) is an injectable medication used to treat Type 2 Diabetes in adults. Specifically, it improves blood sugar control while also decreasing the risk of major cardiovascular events. As a non-insulin diabetes medication, Ozempic works with the body’s natural ability to lower blood sugar levels by promoting the pancreatic release of insulin. It also prevents the liver from producing and releasing higher glucose levels and slows down food leaving the stomach.

Ozempic is typically administered once per week subcutaneously (under the skin of the stomach, abdomen, thigh, or upper arm). The standard protocol is to begin with a lower starting dose (0.25 mg) and build up to a higher dose (0.5 mg, 1 mg, or 2 mg) to increase tolerance and reduce side effects.

Ozempic doesn’t work in isolation; dietary changes and regular exercise are complementary facets of Ozempic treatment and must be taken seriously to maximize the benefits of the medication. Like any medication, Ozempic is accompanied by a list of potential side effects. While most of them are not severe, patients should consult a medical professional with any concerns about adverse reactions. Significant warning signs to watch for include pancreatitis, vision problems (diabetic retinopathy), reduced renal function, severe allergic reactions such as swelling of the tongue, lips, or face, fainting, or a racing pulse.

While many patients successfully regulate their blood sugar and manage weight loss with a combination of Ozempic injections, a healthy diet, and increased activity levels, there is a price to pay. Unfortunately, Ozempic is currently very expensive (at least in the U.S.). With no generic medication yet available, many patients find this name-brand drug distressingly and prohibitively priced.

For that reason, many Americans are seeking alternate sources of Ozempic. One common option is to order Ozempic from Canada, where pricing for prescription drugs is much more reasonable. U.S. citizens who can produce a prescription and have purchased a quantity of medication that is reasonable for personal use (generally no more than a 90-day supply) are typically able to procure medications from Canada without any trouble.

Many people wonder about the safety and feasibility of sourcing medications abroad. Are you considering ordering Ozempic from Canada? The information below should help you to make an informed decision.

Do I Need a Prescription To Buy Ozempic in Canada?

Yes. Ozempic is a prescription medication in both Canada and the U.S. and a doctor’s prescription is required to purchase it. Be wary of any online pharmacy service that doesn’t require you to provide a prescription from a doctor.

Why Should I Buy Ozempic From Canada?

Many patients have concerns about the potential risks of ordering pharmaceuticals from abroad. While scammy and poorly regulated services do exist, reputable distributors like source only the highest quality medications from countries with impeccable standards.

Canada is one such country, and there are many reasons why ordering Canadian medications makes good sense:

Pharmacies in Canada Are Better Regulated

While FDA approval is limited to the U.S., several other countries are widely accepted by American doctors as having well-regulated pharmacies. Among them are New Zealand, Australia, much of western Europe, and Turkey. Canada is also on the list.

When seeking an online pharmacy, make sure to stay away from services that don’t require a doctor’s prescription, don’t provide a telephone number, or seem to be cutting corners in other ways. A reputable online service will only source medications from certified pharmacies in countries with robust pharmaceutical regulations. In Canada, the national certifying body for pharmacies is CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association). There are also specific certifying bodies for individual Canadian provinces.

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Ozempic in Canada Is Less Expensive Than in the U.S.

We’ve already established that the Canadian price of Ozempic is roughly one-third of the U.S. price. What an incredible contrast to the crushingly high prices of other drugs that could otherwise make treating your Type 2 Diabetes a heavy financial burden.

You’re More Likely To Get What You Pay For

While Canada’s pharmacies are well-regulated and provide high-quality medications, this is not the case for all pharmaceuticals ordered abroad. Prescription medications from some countries may appear to offer even more dramatic savings, but you may not always be receiving exactly what you’ve paid for.

When you trust a reputable prescription referral service like to source Ozempic from Canada, you can rest assured that you’re receiving exactly what you need. Discounted prices are life savers, but so are well-regulated diabetes

medications. Do your due diligence and order from trusted suppliers and countries with excellent pharmaceutical reputations.


Ozempic is a life-improving drug. In conjunction with regular exercise and dietary changes, it can help adults with Type 2 Diabetes regulate blood sugar levels and reduce their risk of major cardiovascular events such as strokes and heart attacks. For many patients, it also aids in healthy weight loss.

But, at least in the U.S., the benefits of the drug Ozempic come at a very high cost. The hefty price tag of this drug makes it a heavy (or impossible) burden for many individuals and families. If you or your family are affected by the astronomical cost of Ozempic in the U.S., consider ordering this drug from Canada instead. is a prescription referral service that partners with reputable Canadian pharmacies to provide quality pharmaceuticals to Americans at affordable prices. Purchasing Ozempic pens from is a safe and viable option that won’t break the bank. prides itself on its reputation for full access to thoroughly vetted medications, unbeatable prices, and top-notch customer service. Get in touch with us at today!


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